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Business Loans For Personal Use

When the need for quick money comes up, people tend to make bad decisions. Some will go to a special payday lender, where the rates for lending are even higher than credit cards. It is best to avoid those types of loan arrangers or even dipping into your credit card.

Many people have a side business, either full-time or part-time. The idea of getting a small secured loan for your personal needs has some attractive features. There are some things that a person needs to be aware of before going to the bank and making an application.

First of all the interest rates on a secured business loan will be lower than a personal loan. The bank views a business asset as better security than anything a personal loan could be providing.

There are a variety of assets that banks look at when giving out secured business loans. The first and foremost is property. The property can be residential, business or even rural farm land. Real estate is always a valuable commodity, so the bank feels quite secure that if need be, they could sell the land to recoup the loan should a person default.

The next thing a bank will look at for an asset is business equipment, like cars, large trucks or multiple computer systems. Should the person be a franchise owner of a well known coffee or sandwich shop, then the bank would also certainly consider this as it would be easily liquidated. Now if the business has been around for a few years, it will have assets like customers that could be taken over by a new owner. The business would need to have an assessment done on it to see what the market value would be. It is always a good idea as a business owner to have your own assessment done frequently, so that you know exactly where you stand should the business need to be sold quickly for any reason like bad health.

At any time should you need to sell the asset you are using to secure the loan, you would need to inform the bank and offer to replace that asset with one of equal value. For instance, if you needed to sell a truck because the upkeep was too much, you could offer one car used for business and perhaps several new computer systems.

There are cons to getting a business loan for any reason, whether it is to actually put the money into the business or use for personal gains. Should a person default on the loan, there is a very good chance the bank will seize the business and sell it to attempt paying off the outstanding debt.