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Singapore Trade Finance – Business Loan Facilities For Importers And Exporters

Singapore trade finance facilities that include Letter of Credit (LC), Trust Receipts (TR), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR) are the preferred methods of fund movements used by trading companies to help facilitate and enable their international and Singapore trade finance.

Basically, Singapore trade finance are business loans packaged differently for international and Singapore trade most frequently used for financing inventory. Do look out and understand trade finance terms before taking up any banking facilities. Banking facilities for trade finance can be complex to understand.

Unless you are not interested to acquire Singapore trade finance facilities for your international and Singapore trade activities, the formula that I will show you will have little to no value at all. However, if your business deals with international trade and you require trade finance services from banks in Singapore, this can probably be a very valuable piece of information you will find. Other than that you will find the information useful .

If you happen to hire a financial consultant or financial analyst as part of your staff, do ask them for advice and material information on Singapore trade finance. You may even hire a trade finance manager who will better understand trade finance terms and trade finance services.

If it is completely up to a business owner, the owner would prefer banks in Singapore to offer at least 180 days terms or more for the Singapore trade finance facilities that the business owner wants. If you have been offered by banks in Singapore for trade financing facilities with 30 days terms when you know that is not enough because need 60 days, it’s just too bad.