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Car Loan Singapore Primer

Whenever you walk into a show room to look at the latest car you want to buy, the sales person will be selling you a car loan other than the car itself. The higher the Singapore car loan you choose to take up, the more discounts and car accessories you will get. The thing is car sales people get a referral fee from the bank offering the auto loan to you.That is why a higher loan you take, the more the sales person will be willing to give you freebies.

There is nothing wrong if the vehicle loan deal is the best around. However, if it is a bad deal, you are always free to walk away. Just because you are buyer a vehicle from the auto dealer, it does not mean that you are obligated to take up the Singapore car loan that they recommend. Shop around and go to the banks to look at what they have to offer.

Just because an auto dealer’s loan appear desirable does not mean that that is the best in the market. Look around and find out how much the vehicle would cost if you make a full payment in cash. Look at details regarding interest rates, repayment penalties, processing fees, etc. It is after all a pretty significant sum of money you are borrowing.

Also look out for the down payments and closing payments. These are lump sum payments that are transacted at the commencement or end of the lifespan of the auto loan. This is important because sometimes although the monthly payments can look attractive, it is possible that there are big additional payments to make. Keep note of that and calculate them.

Auto loan finance is sometimes as important as the actual deal you get on the vehicle. Getting a good car loan should be taken as part of the process of buying a car itself.