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Drawbacks Of Fixed Rate Mortgage That Make Variable Loans Attractive

Conservative home owners will prefer mortgages with fixed interest rates for the stability. And those who are comfortable enough to let the market decide what they will pay for their home financing will choose variable rate loans.

Fixed rate mortgages are home loans with interest rates that are set at a specific number

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April 25, 2014  

What Exactly Is A Mortgage?

Mortgage is a loan a borrower avails, by pledging his real estate property to a financial intuition or a bank. He is required to back the money with a set of prefixed payments. Companies as well as Individuals utilize mortgage for making big real-estate transaction without paying upfront, the full purchase value.

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March 30, 2013  

When Is It A Good Time To Refinance Your Home Mortgage

The current situation is being considered as one of the best times for financing mortgages. The rates are at new lows and the economy is improving helping the people in finding good deals. There are many factors to consider for refinancing mortgages and the article deals with general tips, advice and challenges one could face… Click here to read on

November 27, 2012  

Obtaining Low Interest Rates On Your Home Loan With Good Credit

Every working adult will probably think about owning a home one day. The fantasy scenario is to own a house outright without having to pay off a mortgage installment each month. The reality is that the total amount of money that will be used to repay a mortgage loan will be way more that what… Click here to read on

April 17, 2011  

Quick Singapore Home Loan Offers – Fast Processing Tips

Buying a piece of property is a goal of most Singaporeans. In the growing property market, not only will buyers get a place to live, it is also a good investment with the projected valuation gains. It is slowly becoming a practice off who moves the fastest to grab the best properties before others.

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April 12, 2011