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Quick Singapore Home Loan Offers – Fast Processing Tips

Buying a piece of property is a goal of most Singaporeans. In the growing property market, not only will buyers get a place to live, it is also a good investment with the projected valuation gains. It is slowly becoming a practice off who moves the fastest to grab the best properties before others.

Taking into account of the influx of foreign capital in Singapore property, Singaporeans are facing a very competitive buying market where moving fast is a key criteria to getting the desired house.

To get a mortgage lender to make a quick home loan offer, you have to help facilitate the process or else your mortgage application will be held in limbo. The number 1 rule that will help quicken the processing is by providing all required documents beforehand so that the housing loan application can fly through the processes like a bullet.

Generally the require documents are below.

1) NRIC/passport.

2) Last 3 months payslip or Notice of Assessment.

3) Option to purchase (if available)

4) Valuation report (if available)

4) For 80% financing request, the official HDB statement to declare that you do not have any outstanding HDB loans.

5) CPF contribution history of applicants.

Losing a good real estate deal due to being unable to timely obtain a Singapore home loan can be frustrating. In worst scenarios, you may even lose your booking fee. So prepare these documents before applying for a mortgage in Singapore so that you can help speed up the processing.