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Foreigner Loan Singapore – Personal Loans For Expats

So you have arrived in Singapore for work purposes due to an overseas posting. You might also be in Singapore on a work permit, S Pass, or a dependants pass. Facing a cash flow crunch can be daunting in a foreign land where you are not familiar with the practices and policies here. Be assured that as long as you do your home work and research, you will not be taken for a ride.

Whether you need a quick personal for foreigners in Singapore for purposes such as renovation of your new apartment, settle quick payments for settling down, need to make a deposit for your rented apartment, or even if you want to live a more lavish lifestyle, there are loans that you can take up with banks and smaller authorised licensed money lenders to ease your personal cash flow.

Personal loans for foreigners can be tricky. You have to be understanding when lenders no matter how big or small they are, are concerned whether to lend you a personal loan. The thing is that if you are new to Singapore, you probably do not have a credit track record for lenders and licensed money lenders to make a proper assessment of your credit behavior. So a lot of times, you may find that you will not be able to loan a very big Singapore personal loan quantum.

The most important document that you have to prepare are your proof of income. When you can proof and verify a consistent income, a lender will be more comfortable and be able to assess just how much you can loan without compromising your personal lifestyle. You monthly computerised payslips should be sufficient enough to authenticate your personal income.

Another key document is your employment pass. You can expect a lender to think about your intentions if your EP will be expiring next week and you are trying to obtain a personal loan for foreigner now. You may be surprised at the number of legit licensed money lender you can find online over the internet. So seek them out as they can be found easily. Weigh up which offer the best options for you and decide accordingly.