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Pawn Shop In Singapore – Loan For Gold And Jewelry

Pawning your valuable gold and jewelry at a pawn shop in Singapore for a personal loan is one of the oldest ways to get your hands on quick easy cash. You basically bring your valuables to the pawnshop and let the expert make an assessment of how much it is worth. You will then be quoted on the loan quantum amount being offered to you at an interest rate. It will then be up to you to decide whether you have got a fair deal. In a way, some individuals see this as selling gold as well.

It is common to negotiate for a higher value on your gold. Because a pawn shop is a profit driven business, you can expect the shop to possibly undervalue your gold and valuable jewelry, and then offer a personal loan at a low percentage quantum of the undervalued gold. So always probe and ask for a higher valuation. You are always free to walk away.

Generating funds and cash from pawning your gold and valuables are usually a last resort when you have tried all other methods to get your hands on fast cash. It’s a good thing that there are many pawn shops in Singapore that provides this service. You can find them at any heartland. A number of them have also went online to market themselves. You can easily find pawnshops in Singapore by searching for them on the internet. Because individuals with low income or bad credit may get their personal loan applications rejected by the banks and smaller licensed money lenders, pawn shops in Singapore offer a back door to quick cash.

You will be issued a receipt of your pawned gold. And at the end of the agreed loan tenor, your gold and jewelry will be forfeited should you fail to repay the loan and redeem your valuable gold and jewelry. It is not uncommon for people to forfeit their valuables as they are mentally prepared to do so when they have decided to pawn them.

Do be careful not to get addicted to getting your hands on quick funds in this way. Before you know it you will be selling away all your gold accessories for cash. Only do so when you really need to ease your personal cash flow.

Pawn shops will in turn take ownership of the gold valuables and retail them over the counter. Since they have provided you a personal loan that is lower than the market value of your items, they can still recoup their losses if any or your loan by selling these jewelry at retail market price.