All About Loan In Singapore
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Same Day Personal Loans – Fast Way To Generate Cash

There are always circumstances where we are experiencing a sudden tight cash flow. It could be that your car insurance is up for renewal, your annual property tax is due, or you have just paid a renovation down payment, etc. Same day personal loans can really help an individual during these times of need. You can take up a same day personal loan and repay it when you get you next salary. In a way, it works like an advance on your salary. You can use these funds for your expenses with little or no restriction on the use of funds. As the name suggest, you can get access to funds from a same day personal loan on the same day you apply for it. There are instances that the lender can disburse the funds into your account in 1 hour.

Because same day personal loans cater to individuals who are in urgent need of cash, it is fittingly that these forms of personal loan are unsecured. When collateral is involved as security, more time is needed to process the loan. The loan quantum amount depends on your current income.

The higher your personal income, the more comfortable the lender will be to grant you a higher amount. Your personal credit record will also play a big part in determining your loan quantum. There is intense competition for companies offering same day personal loans to individuals. You can attempt to hassle for a better interest rate because lenders know that if they do not let up, there is every possibility that their competitors will. You can expect a short tenure for a same day unsecured personal loan.

Search for information regarding these loan online. Even better if you can visit the lender yourself. Find out the interest rates, available loan tenure, speed of approval and disbursement, and terms that comes with these sorts of loans.

Depending on the lender and the sort of loan in Singapore, you can expect to prepare a copy of your NRIC/passport, last 2 years income tax statement, 3 month payslip, or even CPF contribution statements, etc. Make sure you answer the questions on the application form truthfully.

Lenders will be more comfortable lending to an existing customer. So you can try out your personal bank first.