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Taking Personal Loans For Travel And Luxuries Is Credit Suicide

The world is credit happy and part of that we owe to the invention of credit cards. American Express is the company that really started the credit card frenzy. Up until 1987, all credit cards had to have the balance paid off at the end of the month. American Express decided that it would be… Click here to read on

August 17, 2013  

Personal Loans Are Your Best Option In Emergency Situations In Need Of Cash

You never know when an emergency is going to going to happen. Depending on where you live, it could be a hurricane situation or severe flooding. In a lot of cases, emergency cash crunches come up from accidents and then it takes some time for the insurance company to kick in.

When you depend on… Click here to read on

June 27, 2013  

Why You Might Avoid Your Loved Ones And Borrow From A Lender Instead

When the need arises for a loan, whether it be for a car or the down payment on the first house, people are reluctant to ask a relative. The first reason that comes to mind, is the embarrassment factor. Most people feel that they should be responsible for themselves, after all once they hit the… Click here to read on

April 30, 2013  

Pros And Cons Of Personal Loans

Whether you should take up a personal loan depends on the details of your circumstances. When there is an urgent need for cash, but do not have liquid assets to quickly churn out finds, a personal loan certainly looks like a viable option. Drawing out cash from credit cards can be much more expensive than… Click here to read on

December 16, 2012  

Is A Personal Loan Really Necessary?

It is interesting how Singapore have embraced personal loans so much that so many lenders have popped up to serve this market. Not only banks have be active in this market for people in urgent need of cash, licensed money lenders are fast becoming a key segment providing these services. Until recently when money lenders… Click here to read on

September 25, 2012