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Why personal loans should be the last avenue of quick cash to consider

When a person is in need of money for something like buying a 2nd hand car or replacing the old worn out couch, they immediately think of running to the bank. When people think about getting married, far too few consider taking a few years to not only get to know the other

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November 14, 2013  

Business Loans For Personal Use

When the need for quick money comes up, people tend to make bad decisions. Some will go to a special payday lender, where the rates for lending are even higher than credit cards. It is best to avoid those types of loan arrangers or even dipping into your credit card.

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June 11, 2013  

Most Important Criteria For Lenders – Stable Personal Income

While banks seem to love lending out money, they do have some requirements. In most cases, a bank is looking for a stable personal income. The requirements vary from bank to bank, however at least one year in the same job, tends to be the rule of thumb for lenders. The bank does not always… Click here to read on

May 13, 2013  

Why You Might Avoid Your Loved Ones And Borrow From A Lender Instead

When the need arises for a loan, whether it be for a car or the down payment on the first house, people are reluctant to ask a relative. The first reason that comes to mind, is the embarrassment factor. Most people feel that they should be responsible for themselves, after all once they hit the… Click here to read on

April 30, 2013  

When Getting A Loan In Singapore Is Not Straight Forward

There can be a number of reasons why you will want to apply for a personal loan in Singapore. In fact, mass advertising of personal loans have made it seem rather convenient and access to it appear to be easy. The perception is that if it is not easy to get approvals from banks and… Click here to read on

August 24, 2012