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Getting Financing For Your Home Repair Needs

Homeowners usually have to deal with home repair problems at one point or another. This can cause a huge strain on expenses especially if they sprout out at a time when you are strapped for cash. Repairs need to be attended to fast so that they don’t cause bigger problems that will need more money… Click here to read on

October 7, 2013  

Why being a hardcore credit revolver will always hurt you ultimately

Credit cards can be a blessing or a nightmare depending on their use. The wise credit card holder, pays off the credit card debt at the end of each month. These types of people are few and far between. Most people pay only the minimum payment as set by the credit card company. Lately however… Click here to read on

September 30, 2013  

Taking Personal Loans For Travel And Luxuries Is Credit Suicide

The world is credit happy and part of that we owe to the invention of credit cards. American Express is the company that really started the credit card frenzy. Up until 1987, all credit cards had to have the balance paid off at the end of the month. American Express decided that it would be… Click here to read on

August 17, 2013  

Business Loans For Personal Use

When the need for quick money comes up, people tend to make bad decisions. Some will go to a special payday lender, where the rates for lending are even higher than credit cards. It is best to avoid those types of loan arrangers or even dipping into your credit card.

Many people have a side… Click here to read on

June 11, 2013  

Using Short Terms Loan To Manage Household Finances

With the rising costs of living in Singapore, more and more households are finding it a huge challenge to stretch their personal finances to meet the high costs of everyday living. Transport costs, prices of property, even food at hawker centres are rising so fast. For a lot of people, especially those who consider themselves… Click here to read on

July 25, 2012