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3 Basics Of Improving Your Credit Score

Even though you might think that having an adverse credit score now does not really matter, by the time you need it for something you want to get (like a credit line), it is usually too late to do anything that will make a material impact on it. I do not work for

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December 28, 2013  

Singapore Business Loan Tips – How To Get One Part 2

Continued from part 1 on Singapore business loan tips.

Paid up capital

Another important figure to note is your company Paid-up capital. The paid-up capital is a reflection of how committed the Directors and shareholders are to the business and also an indication of their commitment to repay the Singapore business loan being applied for.… Click here to read on

October 25, 2011  

Business Loan Financing Ratios That You Cannot Ignore

There are hundreds of business financial ratios you can find in any book on accounting and finance.

Other than making the originators of these key financial ratios look ingenious, some of them actually are very simple and important for you to understand so as to track the performance of your company.

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September 26, 2011  

Singapore Business Loan Tips – How To Get One Part 1

There are some crucial financial figures that lenders use to assess whether your business will be able to get a Singapore business loan.

The truth is that most figures that lenders look for are the same whether you are looking for a big or small business loan. How your company appear after tabulating all the… Click here to read on

September 11, 2011  

Small Business Financing Loans In Singapore

There is no embedded small business financing rules that states what determines the size of a company when it comes to getting a small business loan. Determinants can be workforce size, annual revenue, assets value, etc. However, you can be certain that when a bank or financial institution grants you a Singapore business loan for… Click here to read on

September 10, 2011